Laughing Black

My most recent project Laughing Black aims to deconstruct the historical tropes and characterization of fat Black women’s bodies to reclaim pathologized identities. My project Laughing Black utilizes bell hooks’ (2001) concept of the oppositional gaze, the political act of looking; historically, enslaved people could not look back at their oppressors. The oppositional gaze is a resistance to the violent white gaze that has subjugated Blackness (hooks, 2001). My project weaved together the oppositional gaze and laughter as a form of looking back at my oppressors and reclaiming my pathologized identity. My short film was an attempt at naming myself instead of letting the white gaze name my experiences (O’Grady, 1992).

Fat Black Futures

My most recent photo-essay aims to integrate fat Black women’s bodies into Afrofuturist narratives.

We don’t see fat Black people in the future. Thus, we must carve spaces for fat Black women to exist in the Future. (Essay Coming soon).

Love Letters 4 Liberation

Love Letters 4 Liberation is a collective project for social change, which will take everyone working together to make it work.