Kafia is a Black femme, displaced African, artist, writer and community organizer focused on reimagining Blackness, fatness, and digital environments. Her work critically interrogates the links between mainstream environmentalism, Blackness, fatness and food justice to disrupt dominant discourse through a decolonial lens. Kafia has a background in Women & Gender Studies and Professional Writing at the University of Toronto where she was awarded student of the year in 2020 for her outstanding scholarship, leadership, and community involvement. Currently, Kafia is pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental and Urban Change, specializing in digital culture, food justice and the racialization of space. Kafia’s work utilizes Black Feminist methodology to critique pop culture tropes and social media as a neocolonial tool that perpetuates dangerous ideas around racism, fatphobia, heterosexism, ableism, and displacement. Additionally, her work attempts to resist the historical pathologization of Black femme identities by reshaping the narrative to celebrate the multiplicities of racialized Femmes. Kafia has built a large following on social media due to her work around food justice, body justice, and her series “decolonize your book list” which aims to amplify the work of QTBIPOC authors and facilitate Black readership. Recently, Kafia was featured in the Fracture exhibition, Marvellous Grounds, Toned Magazine, and York University’s Research Spotlight. She has various upcoming publications, partnerships, talks, and a podcast coming out in 2022. Kafia hopes to make a significant impact on the large and emerging field of food justice by integrating surveillance technology, digital culture, and spatial analysis.