Love Letters 4 Liberation



1.     If you woke up tomorrow and all of the world’s problems that you believe existed could be solved, what would those problems be?

2.      If you could imagine your ideal world, how would that look?

3.     If you could envision a world without barriers, how would that world look?

Submission (possible options):

1.     Write a letter (could be 2 paragraphs). First, this letter should include who you are addressing (activists, allies, yourself, or future generations). Second, do not feel pressured to submit something ‘academic’, I do not need a dissertation, I want something personal.   Finally, if the prompts do not fit your letter, that’s fine I am happy to accept any letter you feel comfortable sharing.

2.     Submit a poem that you feel fits this theme.

3.     Submit a photo that you feel fits this theme, and yes it could be a drawing as well.

4.     Submit a recipe that you feel fits this theme.

5. Email Submissions to me:

Love Letters 4 Liberation is a collective project for social change, which will take everyone working together to make it work. During the summer I had the chance to work with a couple of my peers to come up with a collective statement on the current pandemic, hopes for decolonization, and we centred our piece around Afrofuturism. Our collective manifesto was directly inspired by The Combahee River Collective’s (1986) statement that was published by Black radical feminists in 1977. Our collective motivation was to build on the significant strides that have advanced equity for Black people globally. I plan to build off of my peers’ work with my project Love Letters 4 Liberation. Moreover, this project is a collective love letter with submissions from people around the world, which I will edit and turn into one long Love Letter 4 Liberation. Specifically, this project highlights the importance of lived experiences and futurisms to create social change. I want each of you to write a love letter from your positionality and I want you to keep in mind what your hopes for liberation could look like in a world without systemic inequalities (see prompts for more info).

 The letter in question should be addressed to someone in the future; it could be yourself, a future ally, activist, or someone in your life and it should be a detailed account of what is going on and your hopes for the future. Your letter should touch on systemic inequalities preventing this futuristic world from existing; food insecurity, racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, classism, the environmental crisis, etc… This letter could be about the land back movement, food sovereignty, a world without heteronormativity, or even an anti-racist anti-capitalist utopia. I want you to tell me in two paragraphs, or you could write a poem, send in a picture/drawing, or a recipe for a futuristic meal; I am happy to accept any and all artistic modes of expression. Please do not let me limit how you want to tell your story! Finally, Audre Lorde once said, “your silence will not protect you” and thus we must turn our silence into language and action because we cannot pinpoint our battles unless we articulate them, and that is Love Letters 4 Liberation.

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